Pecos Classic: Where it all began

Founded in 1989 this Pub is very the first in the Pecos chain and has grown to become one of India’s most iconic Retro Rock Pubs. Tucked away on Rest House Road off brigade road in the heart of the CBD of Bangalore, this pub has had generations of visitors over the decades.

It is one of the few pubs in the city that serve only beer and play music from the 60-80’s and country rock, southern blues, jazz and reggae. Much by accident rather than by design, Pecos has one of the largest retro rock collections in the city, all donated by the customers who over time have connected deeply with the pub.

This pub has created a cult following that crosses generations. On any given day people of yesteryear co exist quite happily with the ‘whatsapp’ generation of today. Each generation stakes a claim to Pecos, people have met their sweethearts who have become wives, ideas and plans were hatched here some of whom are now multi national companies.

If you were a regular in the 90’s, you will be pleased to know the pub has not changed; you still find the original concert posters in their positions, your regular place still waiting for you and even the 100 watt smile of the waiter who has missed you since your last visit (which may be 20 years ago)

Pecos was born from the music and the people; it provides a reprieve from the ultra modern lounges; it is where people go to escape for a little while into the life of Bob Marley and the Wailers, into the romance of Sir Paul, while sipping on cold bitter.