Pecos Hideout


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Pecos Hideout in BTM layout is the newest member of the Pecos family. The pub is located in a beautiful old bungalow on the corner of 20th Main road (opposite AXA Building).

The music and the decor are quintessential Pecos, that take dinners back to the good old days of rock and roll. The well-lit ambiance is a change, however the themes of music and beer still remain the same. This is the pub of the younger generation, but for the regulars you can still find the gods from whom Michael Learned to Rock!

At the core of our business is the regular customer. But our regular customer is evolving with the years. The Pecos Hideout hopes to capture the imagination of youth, yet provide solace to our regulars who come at the end of the day to a place they also call home.

For more information, Latest Offers and Directions please call: +91 7259166661

We offer Home Delivery for all FOOD Orders though Swiggy