Pecos Brigade Road

Started in 2005, this pub is located around the corner from the original Pecos Classic. This pub was created out of necessity. The original Pecos was small and get packed to the rafters much too quickly, patrons would sit on the stairs and grab any inch of space they could find. Most would be turned away disappointed at the door. It became clear that we needed more space.

We were lucky to find a place not 30 yards away on four levels that came as a welcome relief. Over the years, Pecos Brigade Road has developed its own individuality with its own fan base and loyalists. Each floor of the pub has a story to tell. The general décor in the stairwell pays tribute to the geeks of Bangalore’s IT world. The ground floor is decorated with Pecos memorabilia T-Shirts which are now much sought after collectors items.

On the first floor the seating is low and very relaxed. The artwork on this floor is by India’s first graphic novelist George Mathun. The next floor takes you back down memory lane with posters of legendary artists.
Bangaloreans have always craved for a quiet terrace and on the 4th floor we gave them just that. The green plants and warm lighting make you feel right at home.

Unlike many other chains, this pub has not borrowed too many similarities from the original. Today Pecos Brigade and Pecos Classic co-exist seamlessly feeding off each other belting out the best music in town.