History of Pecos


Pecos Pub was started as a proprietorship firm by its Founder, Mr. Collin Timms back in 1989. It was one of the pioneering institutions of Bangalore that contributed to the city earning, the title “ The Pub City of India” . Over the years the pub began to assume an iconic status among its almost religiously devout regular clientele. Pecos Pub attainted its present identity of being the country’s foremost Retro Rock music pub more by accident than by design.

Having started as a tiny fledgling enterprise, the founder Collin Timms spent most of his time at the pub in the early years. Those were tough times when the business was low and expenditure and commitments were high. The work involved long and grueling hours. In an effort to ‘console’ himself Collin Timms began to bring a music collection from home to listen in the pub; his favorite being rock music from the 60’s & 70’s, old southern blues, jazz blues and country rock. To his surprise people began to not only enjoy this music but began coming back again and again to hear more. The pub soon became a hangout for music lovers in general and retro rock lovers in particular.

Many customers donated audio cassettes to the pub to be played on its rickety sound system. The In house collection began to grow and in a few years Pecos had one of the largest retro music collections in India. The pub also became a popular hangout for young creative individuals like artists, copy writers, advertising professionals, authors and software professionals despite there being nothing spectacular or unique about the beer served or the food prepared. It began to become one of the most crowded and frequented pubs in Bangalore. A local newspaper, a few years back ran an article about a person who has visited Pecos everyday for over 15 years. The clients themselves began to lend their creativity to the establishment they loved. Soon the walls of Pecos were covered with paintings made by the visiting artists. People even began to design and gift posters and artifacts to be mounted on the walls.

The popularity grew by word of mouth decades before social media was ever heard of. In the year 2005, Mr. Collin Timms realized that the popularity of Pecos was fast out growing its single unit existence and formed a company Pecos Hotels & Pubs Pvt. Ltd. that established more pubs in the subsequent years; the look and feel of all the pubs remains similar. Pecos Pubs’ in Bangalore are located at some of the busiest streets. Each one has a nickname from some the clients. Pecos Classic is at Rest House Road, Pecos –Mojo is at Brigade Road, Pecos-Stones is at Indiranagar 100 ft Road and Pecos-R& B is at Church Street.

Services Offered

Pecos Pubs’ serve only draught beer as its alcoholic beverage. Draught beer, unlike bottle beer, does not contain the preservative element of glycerin. Interestingly, it is healthier to consume because it is always freshly brewed. Its unique flavor is greatly appreciated by beer connoisseurs. The pub also serves a range of non-alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Each pub has developed its unique style of food based on the preference of regulars who frequent it. The ‘Pecos Breakfast’ is very popular and so is the ‘Pub Lunch’. Pub food is essentially generous servings of finger food at very reasonable prices.

Awards & Recognitions

Pecos has been well appreciated in the press for decades for being one of the iconic restaurants in Bangalore. It has also won accolades for customer service and sheer volume of beer sold.

A Unique Selling Point

Pecos has evolved a style and culture that is quite unique within the industry. The decoration is 60’s & 70’s psychedelic art, the furniture simple, functional bordering on ‘grungy’. The pubs are not very large, between 1000 to 2000 sq ft, but are carefully located where there are footfalls and sufficient two wheeler parking.


If imitation is the sincerest form of appreciation then Pecos has enjoyed a lot of appreciation. Many have tried to copy the look, style and feel of our legendary classic rock pub with varying degrees of success. The emergence and disappearance of “ Me to Imitators” has been an ongoing exercise over the decades. However, this has had little or no impact on the steady growth of the original brand “ PECOS”

The management of Pecos has come to identify its client base very accurately. Its clientele are between the 20’s to 35’s old young men and women in reasonably well paying jobs as yet unmarried and a decent disposable income looking for fellowship in the evening. The pubs are designed to be friendly, safe and comfortable for them to “ hangout in”. The staff is trained to engage the lonely ones in conversation or offer them a magazine or board games. With the advent of satellite TV, sports events have begun to emerge as congregating point. However music is still the key draw factor for almost all the clientele. The style and content of the music cuts across age and economic barriers forming a common bond of fellowship among the Pecos regulars.