Denim by Pecos

‘Denim’ is the newest brand of casual dining restaurants launched by Pecos Hotels and Pubs Ltd. and offers a choice of local and global cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.

The restaurants are part of a collaboration between Pecos Hotels and Pubs Ltd and Accor Group, to design and operate the restaurant space at each Hotel of their ‘Formule 1’ brand in India. At present ‘Denim’ restaurants are open at Hyderabad Pune and Nashik and will expand to other cities as more ‘Formule 1’ hotels are established.

Denim has also partnered with 100 Hands Foundation for their initiative the ‘Denim Project’. The foundation works with differentely-abled adults, providing them with basic skills. The products created are made from used denim jeans and all bill folders, menu binders and cutlery holders used in the restaurant are made by the foundation. ‘Denim’ restaurants will be display centers for all products created by the foundation as well as collection centers for used denims jeans.

Although the brand is young it continues to find a following of young adults looking for a space that they can escape into and a cause to contribute.

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