Pecos Classic: Where it all began!

Started in 1989 this Pub is very the first in the Pecos chain and has grown to become one of India’s most iconic Retro Rock Pubs...

Iconic Art Work

Our pubs feature unique artwork created by local artists in Bangalore. This particular piece is found in our latest pub Pecos Church Street.

Our Collection of Posters

The posters on display are rare original concert posters. Most posters in our collection have been donated to us by our customers

Facebook Community Update

Well... its official. If you need to guzzle beer you need to visit (see crossword 10 across :P)

Bangalore Mirror 27/12/2017 edition

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Blushing Satellite now performing live! @Pecos Mojo Banaswadi. For directions please call: 07760885709 ...

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The First of many more Events this year!

Blushing Satellite, Live Performance @ Banaswadi on Sunday 21 Jan 5:00 PM

Listening Parties: Blushing Satellite

January 21, 2018, 5:00pm - January 28, 2018, 6:00am

Add heartfelt lyrics and a helping of funk to the legendary post-rock band Tortoise and you have an approximation of our friends, Blushing Satellite. Drawing on inspirations as varied as diverse as cymatics (a subject that explores synaesthetic relationship between vibration and materials that, if it hasn’t already, will blow your mind), and the universal mother’s unconditional love, accomplished individuals come together to create a warm, jazzy post-modern sound. Listen to them perform in a casual, interactive setting on January 21st at Pecos Mojo, Banaswadi. Come understand their studio process on January 28th at Pecos Hideout, Silkboard. About the Band Blushing Satellite is the brainchild of our friend and Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA) graduate, Ramanan Chandramouli, who has played guitar alongside Brad Rabuchin (Ray Charles), Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai), Tim Curle (Josh Groban) and has extensively toured the United States/Dubai/Malaysia. In India he has performed numerous times with Thermal and a Quarter, Lou Majaw, Adil & Vasundhara to name a few and has opened for the legendary John Mclaughlin from Shakthi and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Fronting the band, vocalist Mahesh Raghunandan is a singer-songwriter who has performed with and supported international artists such as Christian Galvez, Lucy Rose and Luke-Sital Singh. He has also played at various stages across the country such as Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Stage42 Festival and The Great Indian Octoberfest. Prabhu Muraleedharan is a drummer and musician based out of Bangalore. Having been part of various acts such as Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets, The Shakey Rays and Opposite Sex, Prabhu has toured and performed in many music festivals such as the NH7 Weekender, Octoberfest and MAD Festival over the years. Prabhu was also the recipient of the Toto Funds the Arts prize for his contribution to the Adam and the Fish Eyed Poets' album titled ’Songs from an Island’. Arjun Ramdas, a bass prodigy, forms the skeletal core for Blushing Satellite’s music, whose sublime grooves and creative ideas lay the foundation for the band’s sound.

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