Pecos Classic: Where it all began!

Started in 1989 this Pub is very the first in the Pecos chain and has grown to become one of India’s most iconic Retro Rock Pubs...

Iconic Art Work

Our pubs feature unique artwork created by local artists in Bangalore. This particular piece is found in our latest pub Pecos Church Street.

Our Collection of Posters

The posters on display are rare original concert posters. Most posters in our collection have been donated to us by our customers

Facebook Community Update

Bringing back the Good Times!
KF Premium Mug @ 50*!!
Available from today 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM ALL DAYS!
The Offer is available at Pecos Classic, Pecos Stones and Pecos Hideout!
*Taxes Extra
**This Offer ends 14th September

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Great News!


We are now serving beer at our outlets at Pecos Stones and Pecos Classic!

So we hope this weekend will be a memorable one!

Ps: We felt this song best captures the moment


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Great News!!!

The 'Highway Tsunami' seems to be receding. The Supreme Court in a recent order clarified that Pubs in municipal areas are not covered under its 500 meter 'dry zone' order.

This means our licenses in the affected Pecos outlets can be renewed and we should be back in business shortly.

A big thank you to all Pecosites for your support and concern during these two horrible months. We will keep you updated when we start serving beer at Stones and Pecos Classic in the next few days.

Team Pecos

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